Government Information Nauru

Government information office

The Nauru Government Information Office (GIO) was established in May 2008 and is a section of the Office of the President.

The GIO prepares and distributes media releases for the Nauru government and publishes a fortnightly newsletter called the Nauru Bulletin which contains news and information on government ministries and its instrumentalities. The Nauru Bulletin is circulated via email both on Island and abroad.

The GIO also co-ordinates interviews between Ministers and other official government spokespersons for  local and international media and receives and responds to enquiries and requests for information from non-government entities, the general public, media and international stakeholders as required.

If you are interested in receiving the Nauru Bulletin or would like to be kept up to date on government-related news and information please email 

If you are travelling or wish to travel to Nauru, GIO has a factsheet available which details important information about our Island. Please click on this link. Or email the above address to request a copy.

Office phone contacts:

Joanna Olsson – Director of GIO

Office: +(674) 557 3133 extn 307

Mobile: +(674) 557 3009