Department of Chief Secretary


Our Goal is to provide dedicated, responsive, productive and professional service.


Chief Secretary Department is the Axis axle of the Public Service. This department has divided into six sections for its smooth operation. The Sections are Secretariat, Administration, Human Resources and Labour, Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Warehouse and Post Office.  The Chief Secretary’s Department plays a very key role in monitoring, maintaining and supervising the Public Service Departments and its day to day activities and also provide assistance to the Ministerial and President Office.  The Department is also responsible for introducing and implementing government policies arranging Cabinet Meeting and preparing documents for Cabinet and handling General Election.


  • To develop a cost effective, transparent and efficient Public Service which is accountable and service oriented.
  • To implement the NSDS reform activities including reforming the attitude and mindset of Public Service Employees


  • Reduce the size of the Public Sector. Effective administration and management of the Public Service will ensure the right number of staff, the right skills, sound recruitment and selections policies.
  • A public service that is not only small but can be able to pay affordable salary rates to staff
  • Identify capacity gaps and design appropriate strategies to build capacity at individual, organizational and institutional levels
  • Develop corporate plans for all Ministries to establish clear Ministry goals and strategies as well as identifying core functions
  • Establish best practice and transparent systems & processes to support the reformed environment
  • Develop Nauru Public Service Human Resources Development Strategy

Core Activities

  • Efficient and transparent implementation of the regulations of the Public Service
  • Provide administrative services such as budget preparation, salary distribution, procurement and supply, support service, expatriate welfare and travel arrangements
  • Provide HR Services( Recruitment, Appointment, Disciplinary Measures etc.)
  • Identify Capacity gaps and provide training
  • Act as Cabinet Secretariat and provide administrative services to Cabinet
  • Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Publications of Government Gazette Notifications
  • Manage and maintain the National Electoral Roll
  • Conduct General Election
  • Organize Official Functions