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Department of Information Communication & Technology (ICT) is one of the departments under the Ministry of Telecommunication, Media & ICT. His Excellency The President is the Minister for ICT while Hon. Pyon Deiye is the Deputy Minister for ICT.
ICT Plan, investments, development and ICT’s daily operations align to Nauru Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS). ICT mostly aligns its activities towards NSDS’s Priority Area 3: Infra Goal 5: which states to “provide universal and reliable access to internationally competitive communication services and an independent and commercially viable media”. However, ICT also provides all possible support to other government departments to ensure ICT can enable other departments to achieve their strategic goals.
Therefore, our primary objective and goal are to improve our services, enhance user satisfaction, broaden the scope of product offerings, and reach the desired vision of building e-governance through e-education and e-health.
ICT focuses on providing a reliable and resilient Internet & Network within reach to all government departments and offices, schools and health clinics.

Geoffrey Harris

Secretary for ICT


Geoffrey Harris

Preparing Nauru for Tomorrow

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To transform the lives of Nauru people, public servants and businesses in the public sectors and state-owned enterprises through quality and integrated information technology.

  1. To provision and support national and government telecommunications infrastructure to support high speed transfer of data securely.
  2. To provide safe, secure and integrated information technology solution that aligns to the e-government strategy.
  3. To provide technical support to all government departments relating to information technology.
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Our Core Services

Network Connectivity Between Government Offices

ICT is committed to provide high speed network connectivity between government offices.

Network Connectivity from outside usual Government Offices

ICT has provisioned Secure SSL VPN connection for its employees and contractors to work securely while being away from office.

IT Support (Network, Printer, Laptop & Desktop)

Our Technicians are eager to assist users if they have any issues regarding computers, laptops or printers


ICT maintains the Government website and departments may reach out to ICT for updating their pages with latest contents.


ICT has rolled out a safe and secure Intranet to ensure sharing of relevant documents and information can increase productivity.

Director of ICT

Director of Administration

The Department of ICT is currently undergoing restructure to introduce new Divisions.

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Cyber Security Awareness Team (CSAT) 

  • The purpose of this committee is to provide Cyber Safety Awareness to all government departments. It was established on 29th November 2019. 

Committee Members

Chairperson – Mr. Elkana Capelle

Deputy Chairperson – Mr. Elijah Temaki

Executive Secretary – Mrs. Nadia Ika

Assistant Secretary – Ms. Jadwiga Atsime

Department Members Representaive

ICT – Elkana, Nadia, Senior Technican

HR – Jadwiga Atsime

Treasury – Tu’amelie Paea

NES – Graymea Ika

Education – Prcella Engar

Digicel – Emmaus Tekaireiti

CENPAC – Elijah Temaki